Logo small OU IDEA LAB

Interaction, Discovery, Exploration, Adaptation Laboratory (IDEA)

School of Computer Science and School of Meteorology

University of Oklahoma

Research in the IDEA Lab focuses on developing and applying trustworthy artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with a focus on high-impact real-world applications.  Our real-world application areas provide an opportunity to make a significant difference outside of academia. Current application areas include:

  • High-impact weather, as members of the NSF AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography
  • Robotics: We are developing novel approaches to autonomously creating robust task-oriented knowledge.
  • STEM education: We actively work to improve the teaching of Computer Science and Computational Thinking at all levels of education, including outreach to K-12 through robotics and programming and through the development of Computational Thinking classes for teachers and students in Oklahoma.
  • Improving diversity in STEM: McGovern has worked to improve the diversity of CS since she became a CS major. The lab participates actively in STEM outreach events aimed at improving diversity including K-12 events, REU mentoring, and in being a welcoming space to all students.
  • Space: We have a long-term interest in applications that will assist a permanent human presence in space.

In this lab, we believe that science is awesome, love wins, immigrants are welcome, feminism is for everyone, math is beautiful, black lives matter